Senior Software Developer (+15 yrs)
  • Toth Francis
Languages : French, English, Hungarian
  • Languages : Scala, Java, Haskell
  • Paradigms : Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming
  • Frameworks : Cats, FS2, ZIO, Akka, Spark, AWS, JEE, Kafka

  • Passionate Developer programming since his childhood, hard worker, favoring curiosity over conformity and eager to learn more. Highly motivated by challenges.
  • Dedicated Leader having successfully introduced development best practices and contributed to build strong team culture in several companies. Convener with good communication and writing skills.
  • Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Meetup organizer having spoken at international conferences and meetups. Former leader of a meetup dedicated to Functional Programming (+1400 members)

  • Lead Consultant / Trainer / Senior Developer / Speaker05/17 - Present
    For Yoppworks (Consulting), 20 person team, AGILE
    - Contributed to multiple projects as a team-lead and senior developer
    - Contributed to ONAP and ZIO (OpenSource)
    - Designed a functional programming course with Cats
    - Provided training for Scala, Akka, Spark, Reactive Architecture in North-America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Team Lead / Senior Developer12/16 - 05/17
    For Mate1 (Online Dating), 20 person team, AGILE
    - Provided technical training on Software design, and best practices in general
    - Introduced development best practices (continuous integration, tests, refactoring techniques ...)
  • Scala Practice Lead / Senior Developer / Scrum-Master / Speaker05/16 - 10/16
    For Yoppworks (Consulting), 10 person team, AGILE
    - Contributed to develop a new business (material, process, management, culture)
    - Managed team member allocation, mentoring and recruitment
  • Big Data Developer03/15 - 05/16
    For 1Science (Information Services), 20 person team, AGILE
    - Developed a fully asynchronous back-end API using Scala, Spray and Akka
    - Designed and developed a Spark data analysis pipeline (+150M articles)
  • Android Tech Lead / Agile Advocate 05/11 - 02/15
    For Sherpa-Solutions (Event and Trade-show), 3-7 person team, AGILE
    - Designed and developed a mobile app generation platform producing over a hundred of app per year
    - Set up and coached a cross-platform team of 3 to 7 persons
  • Java / JEE Developer 03/05 - 04/11
    For several consulting firms, 3-20 person team, Waterfall or Agile methodologies
    - Developed and maintained a social network (100.000-150.000 visitors per day)
    - Developed and maintained an international funding focused search engine
  • Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional (Trainer accreditation)
  • IBM Apache Spark 1.6 Developer
  • Lightbend Akka for Scala - Professional/Expert (Trainer accreditation)
  • Lightbend Apache Spark for Scala - Professional (Trainer accreditation)
  • Lightbend Scala Language - Professional/Expert (Trainer accreditation)
  • Functional Programming in Scala Specialization (coursera)
  • Master degree in Computer Science (2000 - 2005) from Ecole Privée des Sciences de l’Informatique, Levalois, France